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B. Wallet, E. Kharlampieva, K. L. Campbell-Proszowska, V. Kozlovskaya, S. Malak, J. F. Ankner, D. L. Kaplan, V. V. Tsukruk, Silk layering as studied with neutron reflectivity, Langmuir 2012, 28, 11481-11489.

  41. J. T. Wilson, W. Cui, V. Kozlovskaya, E. Kharlampieva, D. Pan, Z. Qu, V. R. Krishnamurthy, J. Mets, V. Kumar, J. Wen, Y. Song, V. Tsukruk, E. L. Chaikof, Cell surface engineering with polyelectrolyte multilayer thin films, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2011, 133, 7054-7064.
  40. S.T. Krishnaji, W. Huang, O. Rabotyagova, E. Kharlampieva, I. Choi, V. Tsukruk, R. Naik, P. Cebe, D. L. Kaplan,  Thin film assembly of Spider Silk-like block copolymers, Langmuir 2011, 27, 1000-1008.
  39. E. Kharlampieva, V. Kozlovskaya, B. Wallet, V. V. Shevchenko, R. R. Naik, R. Vaia, D. L. Kaplan, V. V. Tsukruk, Robust silk-inorganic nanocomposite membranes: silica nanoparticles vs clay nanoplatelets, ACS Nano 2010, 4, 7053-7063.
  38. E. Kharlampieva, V. Kozlovskaya, R. Gunawidjaia, V. V. Shevchenko, D. Kaplan, R. Vaia, R. R. Naik, V. V. Tsukruk, Reinforced natural nanocomposites based on silk matrices: From highly transparent to mirror-like flexible, Adv. Func. Mater. 2010, 20, 840-846.
  37. O. Shchepelina, V. Kozlovskaya, E. Kharlampieva, W. Mao, A. Alexeev, V. V. Tsukruk, Cubic and tetrahedral anisotropic hollow micro- and submicron capsules based on tannic acid, Macromol. Rapid  Comm. 2010, 31, 2041-2046.
  36. E. Kharlampieva, C. M. Jung, V. Kozlovskaya, V. V. Tsukruk, Secondary structure of silaffin at interfaces and titania formation, J. Mater. Chem. 2010, 20,  5242-5250.
  35. V. Kozlovskaya, E. Kharlampieva, K. Jones, Z. Li, V. V. Tsukruk, pH-Controlled assembly and properties of LbL membranes from branched conjugated poly(alkoxythiophene sulfonate) and various polycations, Langmuir 2010, 26, 7138-7147.
  34. E. Kharlampieva, V. Kozlovskaya, O. Zavgorodnya, G. D. Lilly, N. A. Kotov, V. V. Tsukruk, Thin films for confined incorporation of quantum dot optical markers, Soft Matter 2010, 6, 800-807.
  33.  S. Singamaneni, E. Kharlampieva, J.-H. Jang, M. E. McConney, H. Jiang, T.J.Bunning, E. L. Thomas, V. V. Tsukruk, Metallized porous interference lithographic microstructures via biofunctionalization, Adv. Mater. 2010, 22, 1369-1373.
  32.  V. Kozlovskaya, E. Kharlampieva, I. Drachuk, D. Cheng, V. V. Tsukruk, Responsive microcapsule reactors based on hydrogen-bonded tannic acid layer-by-layer assemblies, Soft Matter 2010, 6, 3596-3608.
  31.  V. H. Orozco, V. Kozlovskaya, E. Kharlampieva, B. L. López, V. V. Tsukruk, Biodegradable composite assemblies of PLA nanoparticles engineered layer-by-layer, Polymer 2010, 51, 4127-4139.
  30. O. Shchepelina, V. Kozlovskaya, S. Singamaneni, E. Kharlampieva, V. V. Tsukruk, Anisotropic mesoscale replicas from organic, inorganic, and biological templates, J. Mater. Chem. 2010, 20, 6587-6603.
  29. E. Kharlampieva, V. V. Tsukruk, Unmasked by Stretching, Nat. Mater. 2009, 8, 704-705.
  28.  E. Kharlampieva, V. Kozlovskaya, J. Chan, J. F. Ankner, V. V. Tsukruk, Spin-assisted layer-by-layer assembly: Variation of stratification as studied with neutron reflectivity, Langmuir 2009, 25, 14017-14024. (Invited Paper to Langmuir 25th-year special issue).
  27.  V. Kozlovskaya, E. Kharlampieva, I. Erel-Unal, S. A. Sukhishvili, Multilayer-derived, ultrathin, stimuli-responsive hydrogels, Soft Matter 2009, 5, 4077-4087 (Invited Review).
  26.  R. Gunawidjaja, E. Kharlampieva, I. Choi, V. V. Tsukruk, Bimetallic nanostructures as active Raman markers: gold nanoparticles assembly on 1D and 2D silver nanostructures surface, Small 2009, 5, 2460-2466.
  25.  S. Chang, S. Singamaneni, E. Kharlampieva, S. Chang, V. V. Tsukruk, Responsive hybrid nanotubes composed of block copolymers and gold nanoparticles, Macromolecules 2009, 42, 5781-5785.
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  22.  E. Kharlampieva, J. M. Slocik, S. Singamaneni, N. Poulsen, N. Kroger, R. R. Naik, V. V. Tsukruk, Protein-induced synthesis of monodisperse titania nanoparticles on and within polyelectrolyte matrices, Adv. Func. Mater. 2009, 19, 2303-2311.
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  20.  V. Kozlovskaya, E. Kharlampieva, I. Erel-Unal, S. A. Sukhishvili, Single-component layer-by-layer weak polyelectrolyte films and capsules: Loading and release of functional molecules, Polymer Science Series A: Chemistry Physics 2009, 51, 719-729 (Invited Paper).
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  18.  E. Kharlampieva, T. Tsukruk, J. M. Slocik, H. Ko, N. Poulsen, R. R. Naik, N. Kroger, V. V. Tsukruk, Bioenabled surface-mediated growth of  titania nanoparticles,  Adv. Mater. 2008, 20, 3274-3279.
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Book Chapters & Highlights
V. Kozlovskaya, E. Kharlampieva, S.A. Sukhishvili, Hydrogen-bonded layer-by-layer films and capsules, in Hydrogen-bonded interpolymer complexes: Formation, Structure and Applications, V.V. Khutoryanskiy, G. Staikos, Eds., World Scientific Publishing Company PTE LTD, 2009, 323-362.
J. F. Ankner, X. Tao, C.E. Halbert, J. F. Browning, S. Michael Kilbey II, O. A. Swader, M. S. Dadmun, E. Kharlampieva and S. A. Sukhishvili, SNS Liquid Reflectometer, Neutron News 2008, 19, 14.
Patent Applications
Capsules of multilayered neutral polymer films associated by hydrogen bonding. Sukhishvili, S. A., Kozlovskaya, V., Kharlampieva, E. (2005).
Methods for controlled release of molecules from layered polymer films.   Sukhishvili, S. A., Kharlampieva, E., Izumrudov, V. A. (2004). 

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